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6 Digital Marketing Trends Of 2021 That You Can’t Ignore!

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6 Digital Marketing Trends Of 2021 That You Can’t Ignore!

With the passage of time, it’s vital to pause, take a step back, understand the emerging digital trends, and accordingly align our marketing plans to take benefit of recent events. In 2020, we saw both; the social media maturation and demand for video and story-centric content, 2021 will continue to challenge digital marketers seeking to boost their digital marketing ROI as the latest technologies like AI become more mainstream.

Hence, in this post, we will provide some insight on how to best pivot your digital marketing plans. We will cover the top 6 Digital Marketing Emerging Trends to give you a head-start over your competition. Let’s start:

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is here and it is surely going to dominate every global industry- now and in the future. AI can examine buyer behavior and search patterns, and utilize data from social media platforms to help companies understand how users find their products and services.

’“40% of the US Companies are already using AI & ML to improve sales and marketing.”

Soon, AI will be the driving factor behind many services and currently, it is already implemented in areas like:

  • Email personalization
  • Product recommendations
  • Basic communication
  • E-commerce transactions
  • Content Creation

Featured Snippets

Till now, the objective of SEO was to bring your listing to the first position in the Search Engine Rankings. But now there is a new king in the market, which sits at zero position, known as Featured Snippet.

Featured Snippet is separated by a box and located at the top of the search engine page, even before the organic results. It presents the relevant information while attempting to answer the user’s question without them needed to click on it. It can be displayed in the form of a list, bullets, table, or a paragraph and answers the question searched right away.

Visual Search: Google Lens

With the development in technology, you no longer have to type your search queries into search engines. Google lens has made this possible. You can simply upload the image of what you want, and Google will provide relevant information. For example, uploading a picture of a bag will provide the name, price, material, size, and site where you can buy it.

To take advantage of this technology, the business can upload high-quality photos with descriptive keywords in their online catalogs.

Customer Segmentation

Another marketing trend that is gaining popularity in 2021 is customer segmentation. Segmenting your target population into groups based on age, sex, interest areas, language, etc. is more resourceful and can provide higher engagement and returns on investment. Large businesses are now concentrating more on better customer segmentation hence, showcasing informed ads to the diverse groups and reducing the ad costs at the same time offering personalized services.

’“Take some time to play around with segmentation. If you can pinpoint your best and worst customers it's well worth the time.”
----Des MacHale

Interactive content

Interactive content like open-ended questions, quizzes, contests, surveys, giveaways, polls, etc., can do miracles for your brand. It not only drives more engagement but users also enjoy it. Moreover, it boosts the length of time the audience engages with you, which helps your position in algorithm-based searches and feeds.

Types Of Interactive Content

  • Quizzes
  • Assessments
  • Interactive Videos
  • Product Recommenders
  • Countdown
  • Contest
  • Giveaways
  • Interactive E-books
  • Interactive Polls
  • Interactive Surveys
  • Marketing Games

Google Ads Automated Bidding

Automated bidding for Google Ads will witness its full potential in the coming years. To be honest, 2020 has lost its appeal for people that manually optimize their bids for Google Ads. It is the time of automated bids that are optimized adequately and provide better results. Google optimizes the bid automatically to provide a better conversion rate and get clicks by examining user data.

To Sum Up

So, these are the top digital marketing trends you can't ignore in 2021. For anyone in the digital marketing domain, change is an essential part of the job. You must keep looking ahead and try to adopt new technologies, tools, and strategies to obtain an advantage over your competitors.

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