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Google Launches 2 Improvements to Search Console Reports

news-Google Launches 2 Improvements to Search Console Reports
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Google Launches 2 Improvements to Search Console Reports

Google has recently announced two new updates of its Search Console that will enhance theefficiency of analyzing data. You can now use GSC to filter data by Regex (Regular Expression) aswell as utilize a revamped comparison mode that supports more than one metric. Let’s have a quicklook at the two updates:

Regex Filters: The latest update of GSC (Google Search Console) is Regex that will help build amore complex query and page-level filters. For instance, let’s say your business is named ‘Sugarand Salt’ but is sometimes also abbreviated as ‘Sugar & Salt’ or even ‘S&S’. You can define a regexfilter to capture all of your branded queries: sugar and salt |sugar & salt | S&S.”

Previously, GSC did not support complicated queries as shown above, but now it allows to filterqueries and page URLs in three different ways: consists of a string, not consist of a string, exactmatch with a string.

To use this latest update, begin by building a query or page filter, then choose the dropdown menuand pick Custom.

Revamped Comparison Mode: We use this mode in GSC to obtain results for comparison-basedqueries. Earlier, the table did not display a comparison column with a relative difference inpercentage if more than one metric was chosen but now that is not the problem.

The newly revamped comparison mode enables us to select more than one metric, thereforeimproving the interface that doubles the area available for the data table and makes it simple to seeresults/data side by side.

GSC revamped comparison mode supports the new regex filter as well as, for queries and pages.Moreover, the latest comparison mode allows us to get data for more than one metric and compareit; only one filter at a time can be applied to those metrics. Adding this new revamped comparisonfilter will replace the existing comparison.